December 03, 2010

Taking a "Paws" for the cause......

I had the wonderful opportunity of creating "Rascal" for an upcoming event with Pineapple Primitives. Rascal will soon have a feline friend.

The making of  "Rascal" (Note: If slide show does not play automatically please press "view all images")


  1. Ohhhhhh . . . so THAT'S how you do that! And a collar too! I can't wait to get my paws on him!

  2. What a wonderful cause! So kind!

    I was on Madalynne's blog thought I would hope over & check your's out!

    So enjoyed the slideshow of the work in process!

    He is adorable!

  3. Thank you for sharing your needle felting process on this adorable puppy! Madalynne featured your new blog homesite for all to see your wonderful work. Your felted animals together Madalynne's new Santa is an adorable set to generate funding to support our animal friends. Much success on your new blog.